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Best Corner Techniques For Mountain Biking

In the world of Mountain Biking, cornering plays a very big part in a rider’s skill set and overall ability on the trail. Your cornering position is the one that will provide you the maximum gain of time. If you manage to completely integrate the movement instinctively, you will be able to throw the bike around in no time with tons of grip. The truth is that cornering is just a series of movements that, when put together, help you turn faster and with more balance and confidence. 1. SET YOUR SPEED A rolling tire has more traction and therefore gives you more control than a braking or skidding tire. Before taking a corner, you should ask yourself what type of corner you are approaching and then adjust your your braking techniques. Brake before you go in the turn. Your speed should have decreased such, that it is not necessary anymore to brake in the corner. 2. USING BOTH THE FRONT AND BACK BRAKE Do not use your front brake in a corner. You should complete all of your braking before entering the corner. Some people prefer to use the back brake to stop them being thrown over the front handlebars, but theoretically, if you weight is correctly positioned across the bike then there is no problem using both. 3. TURN WITH YOUR HIPS Cornering is all about getting your hips moving around the bike. Add more intention by turning your hips into the corner. It’s not a bus, it’s a bike, so get your whole body into it! Rotate your hips so that your belly button points where you want to go and remember to look through the turn rather than focusing on your front wheel. 4. GEARING If you’re not going to pedal around the corner, before going into it, shift to the gear you want to use for pedaling out of the corner. Keeping tight slightly applying the brakes to slow down a bit and shifting to a lower gear. Simply speaking on approach look for the apex, correct your speed and get the right gear for exit. 5. BODY POSITION Keep your body vertical. Tilt the bike, not your body while cornering so that you can intuitively counter steer if your front tire loses grip. get low and initiate the turn with your hips. Support your weight with your legs and try to keep your hands light so you can lean the bike. 6. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP TO PICK YOUR LINE keep your head up and look to the exit of the turn. The more you read the trail ahead of you, the faster you can go while planning your next line. For beginner riders this invariably means that you tend head straight for it. Mountain biking takes hours of practice, physical fitness, and the ability to accept a certain risk of physical injury. It is a rewarding sport that is worth the effort. Watching mountain biking can be almost as thrilling as biking yourself. Let DeepImmersionMedia produce your next mountain bike ride, race or rally. We can combine 360 degree cameras, digital heads up display on video and drone aerial footage to fully immerse your audience in the ride and bring them along virtually.

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