Sports Magazine Adventure Racing What Are The Various FAQs Asked About The Banger Rallies? – How To Prepare?

What Are The Various FAQs Asked About The Banger Rallies? – How To Prepare?

Banger rallies are short events, where people get to bring in their old cars and rally them along the various scenic spots across Europe. Many people still have questions regarding these banger rallies. In this article, we will be talking about the various frequently asked questions about the banger rallies, and also about how you can prepare for a Banger Rally. What are Banger Rallies? Are they legal? The most frequently asked question of all time is what banger rallies are. Banger rallies can be simply defined as a well organised event in which people from the entire world, come together along with their old cars. These cars are modified according their own liking and they rally these cars along various checkpoints around Europe. People often wonder if they are legal or not. Banger rallies are completely legal, though the participants are required to sign a couple of documents as well as they are required to follow some rules and regulations. If anyone is seen breaking any kind or rules or norms, he/she is disqualified, immediately. Who all can take participate in such rallies? People often ask this question. The standard rule to participate in a Banger Rally is that you have to be at least 18 years old. Only then, you can enjoy this fun filled event by participating in it. You can also bring your family and friends to participate. If you are wondering whether you can attend the rally or not. Of course yes, you can. Though, the teams that participate in such rallies are mostly British, technically anyone is allowed to participate. All you have to do is make sure that you are not breaking any rules and regulations of your embassy. How to prepare for Banger Rallies? Now that we know what banger rallies are, we can talk about how you can prepare for a banger rally. Banger rallies require a lot of preparation before you participate. You need to keep in mind a couple of things. Here is how you can prepare for a Banger Rally – The car – Choosing the right car is the most important part of participating in a Banger rally. You need to make sure that your car is well equipped and performs well. While most of the people go for cheap deals on road legal cars, you can always check out the online auctions. They have the best deals on cars. How to decorate – When participating in Banger rallies contest, one never keeps his/her car simple. It is essential to go crazy with the decorations. You can add a different pop of colour to your car as well as hang some props to make it look distinct. The laws and the documents – Before you participate in a banger rally, make sure that you have paid the road tax and you have a valid receipt for it. This is because, at any time, any foreign police officer can ask for the documents. Another important law for participating is having insurance. Accommodation – One of the most crucial parts of your trip will be the accommodation. You can go either for cheap hotels as well as budgeted hotels. While most rallies allow you to sleep in your vehicle as well as camps, but there are several, who do not. Therefore first find out about the accommodation details well, to decide. What are the expenses like? When you go on a European road trip and you tend to participate in a banger rally, then are required to pay some registration cost. The conductor of the rally decides this cost and it is non-refundable. Other expenses may include the following – Insurance The car Fuel Toll taxes Food and accommodation Flights back to the United Kingdom Will get a refund if I make cancellations? When you make your registrations for Rusty Wrecks Rally, you will have to deposit registration fees, which is non-refundable. However, if you have no option but to withdraw your name at any point, then you can discuss with them if you are eligible for refunds.

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