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How Pet Meds Can Save Your Dog

When I was growing up we could never afford much for our animals. Every kid grows up wanting a dog or cat, or some kind of animal that they can take care of and love. While grow up with our dog ‘Ginger’, we would always take care of her as much as we could. Being just eight years old I did what any kid would do. I would run around and play with Ginger as she was one of my best friends. I remember running around the back yard with her and playing ‘keep away’ as she would run back and forth, from my sister and back to me. Ginger was any kid’s best friend.
We were happy with our dog and I remember spending some of my allowance on buying her toys or special food, doggie treats. I spent the little money I had for her and wanted her to have a great life. I remember how excited she would get when I would come home with a dog bone, usually from my friend’s house. His mother had a paper route and she would give all of the dogs on her paper route small bones. Every time I came home she knew she was getting a treat.
This was our life growing up with Ginger, happiness and joy. She lived a great life until the day she got sick. I remember wanting to take her to the vet and begged my mom to take her. I would have given up all of my allowance to take her to any vet or doctor who would see her. We did not have the money and so Ginger sat at home, sick and possibly dyeing. There was nothing I could do or say that would have gotten my poor dog help. I remember those days as if they were yesterday, but a lot has changed. In today’s world we have vitamins for dog and cats, different types of foods, clothing and even pet meds. We have pet medications that will help any animal if they are sick, to become well again. If we only had this type of service back when I was a kid I think Ginger’s final days in this world would have been better. My dog and best friend ended up passing away a few weeks after getting sick. I know that we took the best care of her and did all we could to keep her from suffering. I love my dog and miss her even to this day.

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