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How To Control Your Dogs Flea Problem

It amazes me that many pet owners stop taking extra special care of their animals during the winter months. During the height of summer, ticks and fleas can be found on most outdoor dogs and cats and during these months many pet owners will buy special formula to help keep these little critters off their beloved animals. During the winter months pet owners think that ticks and fleas are ‘hibernating’ like what bears do. Most of the time fleas are hiding, but usually hiding in warm cozy places like your dogs thick hair or maybe on your cats chest where it can stay warm. While people think there are no problems with fleas and ticks during the winter, those little bugs are taking the vacation of their life without the fear of being killed.
Frontline is a pet med that works from month to month, keeping your dog or cat safe from fleas and ticks. Even during the winter months, it’s important to treat your animals. When I was growing up we would always treat our animals with Frontline, but usually it was after they had a problem. When we saw our dogs itching like crazy we knew there was a problem. Apart from dry skin and dandruff, fleas can drive your dog crazy to the point that they will scratch their body until they bleed. This is something that you want to avoid at all cost. Once your dog or cat starts scratching until they start to bleed, it can raise other health concerns. We had a friend who never treated their dog with any kind of flee medication and even after telling them about some pet meds they ignored their dogs scratching.
It is saddening to me that pet owners will not take great care of their pets. The dog that was not treated ended up getting a blood infection because of the scratching and bleeding. Spot was his name, he was a great dog and eventually he had to be put down. Any kind of Pet Meds could have saved Spot and since dogs are man’s best friend, we should take great care of them. I miss Spot and even though he was not my dog I still would play with him whenever I would see him. I knew he was not happy living in that house and I would always brighten up his day with a little treat, usually it had vitamins in it so I knew I would help keep Spot healthy.

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