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Pigeon Racing an Introduction to an Addictive Sport

Pigeons are raced as early as in the Egyptian period and are very popular because these birds are intelligent and are trainable. Through time, a particular stands out to be the best breed to be trained for pigeon racing. These pigeons are known as racing homer. These breeds are given so much effort and are trained at an early age to be in their best shape in time for the pigeon racing competition. Like other animal races, pigeon racing are judged based on the fastest pigeon in the competition and they measure the speed by velocity. I which pigeons are released from starting point where they are timed using a stopwatch which will stop once the pigeons arrives at their home loft. The speed of the pigeon is compared with the other entries and the fastest pigeon gets the prize. Pigeon racing are always organized and in some countries like Belgium where pigeon racing is considered big, the races become a social event. Races are very prone to uncontrolled factors such as weather, air traffic, predators, and sometimes participant pigeons get attracted to stray female pigeon and gets away from its designated course. These instance a great loss to the owner who gives a lot of effort in rearing and conditioning their birds for the event. Sometimes owners result to bird killing just to make sure that the airways are clear for their prized entry. Pigeon racers conduct races regularly and they form clubs and organizations to do this. If you are aspiring to take part of this hobby, you may try to look at the internet for their websites. Of course you will need to register to them but these websites will offer you valuable information in the start up, breeding and conditioning of pigeons up to the rules in the actual race. These websites can guide you in the proper selection of pigeon to be bred because not all pigeons have the racer traits needed to compete in the competitions you will enter. Any additional research through the internet can prove to be healthy when you are just starting on this sport but soon enough you will develop a unique way in training and conditioning your own breed through experience.

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