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How to Select Baseball bats

Baseball is the most trendy and stylish game for millions of fans. With this in mind, comes the demand for the right bats, equipments and training. Players prefer to choose their bats on their own choice and interest,therefore its not a big deal. There are many factors which needs to be taken into account when choosing the right one. The bats which we use, should be approved by major leagues and should adhere to their standards. Construction of bats: Normally bat consist of knob, handle, grip, barrel which is the thickest part of the bat, end cap etc. Size of barrel: The size of the barrel varies depending upon the type of leagues. Players prefers bats with larger barrel diameter. Few players prefer bats with a smaller barrel diameter.( if the barrel diameter is small in size, then the weight of the barrel decreases and it will be easier while swinging.) If the barrel is larger in length then there will be more sweet spot. Grip: Grip is used to cover the handle of bats. Bats are normally made up of aluminum or wood. Grips are mostly made up of rubber which absorbs the shock, when the ball make its contact with the bat. Some bats comes with more grip which decreases the vibration of the bat. It also provides the flexibility and the comfort level which the player prefers. Drop: The other name for drop is bats length to weight ratio.Normally slowpitch softball bats and wooden bats are not identified using this drop option. Leagues have different drop level for tournaments. Drop is also defined as the difference between the weight(ounce) of the bat to the length (inches) of the bat. Bats are normally selected based two things 1) hitting ability and Style 2) strength of the hitter. Strong players normally prefers bats which are high in weight because it suits them. Similarly small players prefer bats which are less in weight( bat which is having thin barrel, handle, end cap). Age of player vs length of the bat: Players with age 5- 7 should go for bat with length ranging from 24 to 26 inches. Players with age 8-9 should go with length ranging from 26 to 28 inches. Players with age 10-11 should go with length ranging from 28 to 29 inches. Players with age 11- 12 should go with length ranging from 30 to 31 inches. Players with age 13- 14 should go with length ranging from 31 to 32 inches. Players with age 17+ yrs should go with length ranging from 34 inches.

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