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Juicing of a Softball Bat

We all have come across the term “Juicing”. Actually, what Juicing of a Softball bat really is? Basically, it is a process which ultimately changes the composition of the bat, so that the distance of your hitting ability increases. Do you know how long the distance of your hit increases because of it? By using this technique the distance of your hit normally increases by 45 to 75 feet. One more significant point is you no need to alter the technical characteristics of your swing. What are the methods of Juicing? There are various methods which is being followed to juice. One of the famous method is rolling your bat. In doing this you have to apply maximum pressure on the barrel of the softball bat, being used by you. Generally, most of the people follow the step of placing the bat on a rolling machine. Bat rolling machines are generally used for applying pressure, so that the elasticity of the fibre increases. Due to this it becomes more flexible. As a thumb rule, when the flexibility of bat increases the distance and speed too increases. Another method is shaving the inside of your bat. In doing this, end cap of your bat needs to be removed. Then you have to use a lathe machine to remove the inside wall of the bat unvaryingly, so that your bat wall becomes much thinner. Your shaved bat will push the ball with more speed, covering longer distances. Now you can replace the end of your softball bat with the original cap which is removed before. For attaching it you can use epoxy glue. The last method is creating more inertia. In doing this, end cap needs to be removed. Once it is removed, you have to add the right ingredients into it, which creates more inertia when swinging the bat. Preparation Process: Try to pour a polyurethane substance into the end cap. Allow it to dry for 24 to 30 hrs so that it becomes much heavier and harder. At the open end of the softball bat try to put 1 to 2 tennis ball so that it fits properly in the barrel. Normally it is done to increase the weight at the end cap. Finally, glue it back to the previous position. Conclusion: The process of Juicing will work when done by specialists. When shaving use micrometer to calculate the thinness. In leagues where best slowpitch softball bats is been used,usage of juice bats is banned, therefore keep in mind that too. The weight of the bat shouldn’t be reduced below 1.5 oz.

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