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Cricket Fielding Terms

From the very beginning the cricket is believed to be the game of Gentlemen. There are many fielding positions for the fielding team. The origin of names given for fielding position have not much relevance. There are many potential technical terms which are confusing by the names given to them. Most of the terms relate to the fielding positions. Some of the Fielding positions are given here: STRAIGHT: This is an imaginary line which is closer through the field of play. It is in front of the batter (batsman). WIDE: It is farther from the center of the field and is on both sides of imaginary straight line. It is also in front of the batsman. FINE: It is closer to the imaginary line through the center of field of play but it is behind the batsman and also the wicket keeper. SQUARE: It is farther from the imaginary line through the center of the field. It is also behind the batsman and wicket keeper. It is also on both sides of imaginary line. FORWARD: This is the position in front of batsman’s wicket. BACKWARD: This is the position behind the wicket of batsman. SHORT: This position is closer to batsman. SILLY: This position is very close to the batsman. This is a dangerous position for the fielder as there are chances of injury of hard hitting ball by the batsman. It seems that this position name has it’s relevance to the word silly. DEEP: This position is farther and away from the batsman. The above mentioned field positions are broad positions. The lines are imaginary. They do not have any particular lines. The lines are not drawn. The terms may be combination of two as Fine Square, wide square, short forward etc. Now we have introduced an online shopping portal by name of GO HOT SPORTS for all our customers to shop online and buy their favorite sports items from the widest range of products and brands available on our website. We offer some of the best prices and a completely hassle free experience with options of paying through Debit Card, Credit Card and Net Banking processed through secure and trusted gateways. Some of the top selling sports brands on the website are SF & SG. We provide expert descriptions with every product to help you arrive at the right buying decision. Get the best prices and the best online shopping experience every time.

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