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T20 World Cup 2016

The competitive world of cricket Every kid, teen, adult and elder is familiar with the word and world of “Cricket”. It is supposed to be the second most popular game or sport after Association Football. One of the leading sports in India too. Now, this sport has been going on from an age immemorial. Currently the T20 or Twenty20 as we know it is the most trending and happening thing. The History of the T20 The T20 World Cup history has been fascinating to say in the least. We will have a brief look into it- The ICC T20 World Cup was first held in the year of 2007in South Africa. In the finals India beat Pakistan. It was then planned that every twice a year an ICC World T20 tournament will take place, except where an ICC Cricket World Cup is planned in the same year. In such cases, it will be held in the year before that. In the end of 2007 it was planned to keep a qualifying tournament following a 20 over format to make the teams better prepared. It had 6 participants out of which two would be qualifying for the 2009 2020 Cricket World Cup. The prize money was set at $ 250,000. Pakistan won the second tournament against Sri Lanka by 8 wickets. This was in England in the June of 2009. The 2010 ICC World Twenty20 tournament took place in West Indies in the May of 2010. Here Australia lost against England by 7 wickets. In the 2012 ICC World T20 Sri Lanka lost against West Indies. It was the very first time that a host nation also competed in the ICC World T20 finals. There were a total of 12 participants in the qualifier rounds. Ireland and Afghanistan were also participating. It was also the first time in the T20 World Cup history, that the tournament took place in a country in Asia. The year of 2014 saw a bigger participation with 16 teams with three of them debuting. Sri Lanka made a re-appearance in the Finals with an excellent win. The World T20 has seen five victorious teams from five tournaments. Keeping up with the News This time the T20 is scheduled in the month of March in India and is expected to be as exciting as ever. The World Cup Cricket live broadcasts will be shown on almost all Sports Channels on the Television and Radio alike.

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