Sports Magazine Cricket The Basic Thing to Know About The Cricket is Where it is to be Played

The Basic Thing to Know About The Cricket is Where it is to be Played

What is the FIELD OF PLAY? The field on which the cricket is played is a big ground. The ground can be oval in shape or it can be circular also. In the middle of the ground or field there is a pitch on which the game of cricket is played. There are always two umpires on the field of play who give their decisions regarding scoring runs, dismissal etc. There are always two batters (Batsmen) who are responsible for scoring runs for their teams. There are eleven players of fielding team out of which wicket keeper who stands behind the batsmen and bowler on the opposite side of batsmen are always positioned at fixed points. All other nine fielders are organized or placed such a way by the captain of the fielding team to either prevent scoring runs or to effect dismissal of batsman. Bowler has to bowl one over which consists of six bowls from one end only. After end of one over a new bowler bowls from the other end of the pitch. Simultaneously all the fielders and umpires are also repositioned accordingly. Some of the terms associated with field of play in cricket ON SIDE- It is the half of the field of play in the same side of striking batsman (on strike batter) legs. More particularly when the batsman is waiting for the bowler to bowl and half of the field is called on side. It is also called leg side. OFF SIDE- it is half of the field of the play farther from the on side batsman’s legs when the batsman is waiting for the bowler to bowl and that half of field is called off side. 30 YARD CIRCLE- this field is a marking of 30 yards from the pitch. This divides the infield from the outfield. Inside of 30 yard circle does not have much relevance in the test cricket. But in limited overs cricket match a set number of fielders must remain within the circle for a Particular fixed number of overs. OUTFIELD-the field of play outside the 30 yard circle is outfield. In this outfield zone the players or fielders with the strongest throw are placed to strengthen the fielding. INFIELD- the field of play inside the 30 yard circle is called INFIELD. The payers who have very good reflexes are positioned in this field. The payers in this zone are required to be quick and alert. BOUNDARY- Boundary is defined as outer edge of the field of the [paly. It is typically a rope, a white line or set of flags which mark the boundary. SIGHT SCREEN- Sight screens are placed beyond the boundary line in front of batsman. These are movable structures. These structures allow better visibility of bowl for the batsman.

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