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Do You Know NHL

The full name of NHL is National Hockey League, which means the League of the National Hockey. It stems from an ice hockey team in North American. It is also a league of professional sports. Around the world; NHL has the highest standard, which is also a professional hockey game. In North American; it is one of the four sports that are professional. There are two big regions in the team, and the two big regions can be respectively put into three districts. At present, NHL has thirty teams. There are two awards of NHL, the team awards and the individual awards. The Stanley Cup is displayed at the Hockey Hall of Fame. In 1917, the league was established in Montreal Quebec. There were five teams at first, after a series of extension, it has thirty teams now. There were twenty-four teams in the United States and six teams in Canada. After the players’ general strike during the season of 2004 to 2005, the league had a regular season from 2005 to 2006 and a playoff of Stanley Cup in two thousand and six.
Traditionally, because of the league of Canadian descent, most of the players were Canadians. The amount of European and American players put on an upward trend when NHL broadened its high levels to the United States positively. Nevertheless; during the season from two thousand five to two thousand six, half of the players were the natives of Canada.
In 1908, the International Ice Hockey Federation was founded in Paris. Headquarter located in Zurich, Switzerland. The United Kingdom was the winner in the first hockey tournament in 1910. NHL was founded in Montreal of Canada seven years later. At the beginning of the establishment, there were five teams. In recent years, NHL has become a successful league of profession and commercial all over the world.
The playing method of six-a-play was first put forward by the National Hockey Association of Canada in 1912. And the influence of NHL is getting more and more important. Be similar to the basketball of the world; the United States’ Stanley Cup of Hockey League has said to be a legendary honor.
For millions of hockey fans, this sport has the same meaning to other sports, such as skating, baseball bats, hockey, body collision, fighting and saving the goal line. Canada’s sports foundation is in its east coast. Most historians believe that ice hockey originated in Windsor area in 1870. In the 19th century, this sport develops to Canada’s western part quickly. And soon spread from the Atlantic Ocean to Europe and became popular in the United States.
With the development of the North American continent, the number of hockey league games appears a rapid growth. In 1917, the National Hockey Association was restructured and eventually produced the National Hockey League. There were only five teams in NHL, which were Quebec Bulldogs, Montreal Wanderers and Montreal Canadians, Ottawa Senators and Toronto sports teams. In the early time, NHL was quite unstable. For instance, in the first competition, the Quebec Bulldogs team refused to take part in.
Because of the damaged area by fire, Montreal team withdrew from the league. Toronto sports teams were also in suspension in 1919.

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