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The Key Player of NHL

Chara is a famous ice hockey defenseman. He is the leader of the National Hockey League. In 2008-2009 he won the Norris Trophy. He is famous for his height in National Hockey League. He also led the team win the championship of the Stanley Cup. Chara’s professional life is colourful. He was recruited in the 1996 NHL Entry Draft. He played in the New York Islanders. Four year later he was traded to the Ottawa Senators. When he was a member of Ottawa Senators he showed his talent in playing ice hockey. He helped the team get a outstanding achievement. During 2002-2003 season he had the right to play All-Star Game. In the techniques game he recorded the second hardest shot. And in the following season he recorded his first Norris Trophy nomination. In order to become the part of the NHL First All-Star Team he gave up the first place of the defenseman. In the 2004-05 he recorded his total score to 56 point. In the following season he became a free player. In 2006 he signed a five-year contract with Boston Bruins. He was named as the leader of the team. He was born in Slovak and he was a leader. He won the hardest shot in the technique competition. In the season of 2008 he is a beginner of the All-Star Game. He still won the championship of the best shot match. In this year he broke his shoulder. When he came back he became the key player again. In the next season, he got the title of the All-Star again. He held a charity to raise money for the poor. In the technique match he set a new data. In 2010 he signed a new contract with the Bruins. In 2011 he won the title of hat trick.In 2011, he suffered a physical pain. Because of the injury he had to quit the game. He left the game on a stretcher. His shoulder is fractured. It took many months to recovery. He started a charity movement to raise money for the poor. In the charity campaign he got a lot of money from the public. And he also establishes a new data in skill competition. Nevertheless he incidentally injured his opponent. So in the end his opponent had to stay on the bench for several months. This guy was taken away from the ice field. The next day, the report showed that he could not go to the ice hockey again. Owing to this situation, he was charged as a game misconduct. The video of the game was sent to the operations. Although the manager decided not to make a further punishment, but the policeman has involved in it. His ambition can fulfill the power of the team. More importantly he could organize the whole team. Although he has a heavy weight, he could hit the ball in a speed of 180 km/h. Chara owns an iron generate figure. Chara only owns lag spike and toothed wheel. People are difficult to contend with Chara. According to Chara, satisfaction is not equal with the destiny and condescension. Much expectation couldn’t destroy your success.

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